About Us

We are Mandala for Spirit team from Israel. We welcome you to join us in a celebration of colors and shapes beautifully artistically bound together into energetic and spiritual symbols.

Drawing Mandalas helped us realize the cyclical nature of the universe where Mandalas abound everywhere - everything is Mandala. All living beings have a circle and a center. Every cell in our body has an enveloped nucleus, the Earth is round and circles the Sun, and the first thing a baby sees is their parent's eye with the iris at the center… All of nature is constructed of perfectly symmetrical and harmonic shapes, plants and flowers, animals, rocks, crystals and more.

Mandala drawing/painting is an ancient technique for spiritual connection with energy, with our self and the cosmos, with prayers. By means of Mandala drawing  we can discover latent things about our self and open the gates to higher consciousness.

When we create Mandala for Spirit jewelry, we project our love, blessings and prayers unto the art piece. We put the jewlry in a tool During the full moon and load it with much energy.  Thus, their wearer can enjoy easier access to cosmic energies, their inner self, meta-consciousness, and receive protection when needed. The energetic intention embodied in the Mandala will accompany and support you wherever you go.

The meaning of the colors used in our Mandalas are specified below according to chakras alongside shapes, words, prayers and more which are embedded in the jewelry and intensify their energetic value.

Each purchase of our jewelry excites us as it is gift of creation to give and spread light and love and to support artistic creativity. We distribute Mandala for Spirit jewelry all over the world and invite you to join our expanding family.

With love,

Mandala for Spirit